India calls for easing sanctions on Syria

India calls for easing sanctions on Syria

New York: The United Nations has called for the lifting of sanctions on Syria to protect its people. India has insisted at the Security Council meeting.

UN Security Council meeting held. In it, Indian Ambassador to the UN DS Thirumurthy said: Syria, a Western country, has been badly affected by the civil war for 10 years. Such a peaceful stable political environment is an ethos fruit for the people of Syria.

In this context, the corona virus poses a serious challenge to Syria’s health structure. Thus the people of Syria have been severely affected. We need to help them immediately on humanitarian grounds. There should be no political condition or discrimination. So the sanctions on Syria must be relaxed. The international community must take immediate action to protect the Syrian people.

In the current context, there is no immediate prospect of a return to peace in Syria. Nor can it be said for sure that normalcy in Syria will come soon. So Syria must approach the problem with humanity. The first step is to ease sanctions on Syria, he said.



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