SportsIndia wins T20 series: New Zealand Whitewash: Toss Raja Rohit; Akshar is ridiculous

India wins T20 series: New Zealand Whitewash: Toss Raja Rohit; Akshar is ridiculous

Rohit Sharma’s fifty and Akshar Patel’s accurate bowling in Kolkata yesterday New Zealand India won the last and third T20I match by 73 runs.

India won the three-match T20 series 3-0.

Batting first, India added 184 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in 20 overs. He scored 185 runs and set a target of victory New Zealand The team lost by 111 runs in 17.2 overs and lost by 73 runs.

With this victory, the Indian team is proud to have won the 2nd consecutive T20 series against New Zealand. India won the next T20 series against New Zealand last year.

Rohit Sharma, who has been named the full – time captain of the Indian team, has been gifted with the guidance of coach Rahul Dravid. Winning the series will help India, who are out of the league round of the T20 World Cup, look forward to the next Test series and then the South African series.

But, at the same time, tired of playing in the T20 World Cup New Zealand In the absence of many key players in the team, the weaker team played. New Zealand There was a kind of exhaustion among the players as well. Do not easily give victory to the opponent in any match New Zealand The team played poorly in this match which shows the depression of the players.

Indian team spinner Akshar Patel He won the man of the match award for 9 runs and took 3 wickets. Akshar Patel was the best bowler in the T20 tournament.


The Indian team identified some positive things in this series. After a long absence from the T20 format, Aswin and Bhuvneshwar Kumar were brought in and they also bowled well.

Venkatesh Iyer bowled 3 overs yesterday and gave up 12 runs and took one wicket. He is also set to become India’s 6th bowler in the T20 or ODI series. A young player who can play top order and midfield has also been identified.

Herschelle Patel got a good introduction in the last match but still did not bowl in the mid-overs to the extent expected. Although Rudraj Kejriwal and Aavesh Khan did not get a chance in the series, Rohit and Rahul will definitely be used in the lead.

Rohit Sharma did not have the boredom of captaincy as he used the same players in the team and did not give opportunity to other players. The best features like giving opportunity to young players, encouraging consistent opportunities without immediately removing players who are not performing properly and using bowlers at the right time seem to be more sleepy for Rohit than goalie.


Some examples of that are when Rohit Sharma used Aswin, Akshar, Herschelle Patel, Venkatesh and his talent shines through.
Besides, Rohit Sharma yesterday proved that there is no change in my batting, whether as a captain or as a normal player. Rohit Sharma has scored 74, 30, 56, 48.55 in the last 6 international T20 matches. Rohit Sharma has scored 3 fifties in 6 matches.

Ishant Kishan and Rohit Sharma gave a good start. The duo flew at 10 runrate from the start. Ishant Kishan was out for 29 off Santner bowling. The duo added 69 runs for the first wicket. Suryakumar (0) followed with Rishabh Bandh (4).

This match was an opportunity to test the strength of the midfield. Shreyas Iyer came and joined Rohit. Rohit Sharma completed his fifty off 27 balls with sixes and fours as usual. The Indian team scored 100 runs in 11 overs.


Rohit Sharma added 56 runs (3 sixes, 5 fours) in the Test bowling. Venkatesh, who came next, struck an Audi four and a six. Venkatesh (20) was followed by Sreyas (25). Last-order batsmen Herschelle Patel (18) and Deepak Sahar (21) played aggressively to keep the score safe. Deepak Sahar hit two fours and a six in the last over to add 19 runs.

With a target of 185 runs to win New Zealand The team banged. In the cup, Mitchell started the action. As usual, the cup flew as a four, six. Seeing the pace, Rohit Sharma gave Akshar Patel a chance in the 3rd over. Mitchell (5) missed the first ball as it paid off. Chapman next came down and was stumped and knocked out.

Akshar Patel took 2 wickets in the first over. Akshar was dismissed in the 2nd over in the ensuing Phillips duckout. The midfield that followed, none of the last row players lasted.


Tim Shepherd (17), Neesham (3), Santner (2), Milne (7), Sodhi (9) and Ferguson (14) lost wickets at regular intervals. However, despite the wickets falling, he hit a fifty off 33 balls in the action-packed cup and was dismissed for 51 balls.

Akshar Patel, Venkatesh and Bhuvnesh bowled well for India. Sahal and Sahar both scored more runs.