SportsIndian players banned from eating beef and pork: Only halal meat is allowed

Indian players banned from eating beef and pork: Only halal meat is allowed

Beef for Indian team players, pork Will not be granted, only halal made meat will be allowed BCCI According to reports, the food was released to the players.

India, New Zealand The 2-match Test series between the teams starts tomorrow in Kanpur. The 2nd Test starts on December 3 in Mumbai.
The Indian team replaces captain Virat Kohli in the first Test with vice-captain Rahane. After the World Test Championship Indian team The anticipation has been heightened by playing in a Test match against New Zealand.

in this situation BCCI On behalf of Indian team The schedule for the players’ menu has been released. In it, some important restrictions other than regular meals BCCI Imposed on players. Accordingly, the players beef, pork Reports say they should not be eaten in any form and should not come on the menu.

At the same time, a private English language channel reported that all meat dishes served to soldiers must be halal.

It seems that these restrictions may have been imposed as fitness is considered very important for Indian players. Beef for players going yo-yo experiment, pork It seems that restrictions may have been imposed because of the failure of training due to unwanted muscle spasms while eating.

Whereas, BCCI Restrictions on the menu for pro players have been heavily criticized on social media. In which the right to food of the players is an individual right BCCI Netizens have questioned how right it is to intervene.