IndiaIndian Secular Front: Sudden turn in West Bengal elections; Abbas Siddiqui...

Indian Secular Front: Sudden turn in West Bengal elections; Abbas Siddiqui in the Mamata Banerjee Opposition Coalition

The leader of the main Islamic organization has said that the Congress-Left alliance will contest the elections in a sudden turn in the West Bengal assembly elections. Abbas Siddiqui Announced.

West Bengal is scheduled to hold general elections in April and May. The Trinamool Congress is fighting for a third term in office in this election. The BJP is moving pieces to seize power for the first time.

On the other hand, the Congress-Left alliance is competing. The AIMIM party, which won 5 seats in the Bihar Assembly elections, is also seeking to contest the West Bengal Assembly elections.

As a result, heated arguments and statements between party leaders are being heard daily in West Bengal.

Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee Speaking, he accused AIMIM party leader Azad Owaisi of being the BJP’s B team and trying to divide votes by taking money.

In retaliation, Azad Owaisi said there was no one to buy Owaisi with Owaisi money and that he should regret it when many of Mamata’s party members joined the BJP.

In this case it was created by Abbas Sikdik, the leader of the most important Muslim organization in the state of West Bengal Indian Secular Front The legislature has announced it will run in the election.

To contest in 30 constituencies where Muslim population is substantial Abbas Siddiqui Planned. He said, “We are trying to unite the votes against Mamata Banerjee and the BJP. We are in talks with the Congress-Left Alliance.

We want Mamta Banerjee to contest against her in Nandigram constituency. We are also participating in the ‘Let’s Defend Democracy’ rally against the state government’s joint move by the Congress-Left alliance on the 28th. ”

Before Abbas Siddiqui It is noteworthy that AIMIM party leader Owaisi sought to form an alliance with the party.


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