Intinti Gruhalakshmi September 14 Episode: Tulsi Arrested .. Prem Akshara Wedding Before...

Intinti Gruhalakshmi September 14 Episode: Tulsi Arrested .. Prem Akshara Wedding Before Release .. Lasya Khatarnak Plan

The serial ‘Intinti Grihalakshmi’, which is becoming more and more exciting day by day, entered its 424th episode today (September 14). Today’s episode turned out to be very thrilling.

424 Episode Highlights ..
Yes Nanna has a reason .. when Prem says .. ‘Entra that is the reason’ says Nandu. That reason tune .. everything will be shocked with the charm. I like Shruti, Nanna .. I will do it myself .. If I get married I will do it myself ‘he says. Is it enough if you want to marry Shruti .. he should like you too ‘he said’ Shruti also likes me .. he will do me ‘Stop saying that love .. what are you talking about .. did I tell you that I like you? Did I just say that I love you? I told you before .. that I have no such opinion on you. But why are you repeatedly trying to convince me .. because you brought me to this house .. do you have to adapt accordingly ..? Do you want to get married? I depend on you, so if you try to clap your head, it will not work, ‘shouts Shruti. Prem stays in shock.

‘So Antaventi Shruti .. Have I ever behaved like that’ says Prem. ‘Let me tell you now .. too .. let me make my decisions .. I tell this to everyone .. I have no opinion on love .. I have no intention of getting married at all .. please do not involve me in your plots in your domestic quarrels’ she goes on crying from there . Prem tries to hold back the tears. Tulsi’s son cries because he can not see the pain. Shruti cries and her father comes to the photo. Shruti cries a lot, “Didn’t I get the writing that God lives with love, Nanna .. I can not even open my mouth to say that I like you .. I’m sad that I can not express my love out loud .. It’s better if my breath stops suddenly.” That scene is very emotional.

If Tulsi is upset after remembering everything that happened .. her father-in-law will come and add a word. He regrets that this has happened. ‘Shruti pushes Wad away .. but Prem says she doesn’t like it. I thought I would love love for years .. All my imaginations were shattered ‘says Tulsi sadly. ‘Yes, he should respect his opinion. But let me talk to you one more time, ‘he says. With that, Anasuya interrupted. However, I do not understand. Aunty please don’t talk like that about Shruti.

‘Now I’m wrong,’ says Anasuya. Tulsi tries to impress her by saying, “Aunty, she has left without such a husband. It is not good to grow up like this.” But envy does not stop there. ‘I’m not going to talk to her,’ she warns and walks away. And when Shruti pose for love in the temple .. if he remembers everything he says no and fades away .. meanwhile Prem comes and sits next to him. ‘Can Shruti talk to you for a while’ says Request .. Shruti does not speak. ‘Why are you silent .. Do you even want to talk to me?’ ‘No,’ said Shruti .. ‘Do you know any boy who enjoys his life so much?’ Says Prem.

Coming up ..
While in the tulsi factory .. the police come .. they say ‘we are arresting you’. What did I do wrong to be arrested ..? When Tulsi asked .. ‘Gopalakrishna .. a case has been filed that ten lakh check bounced’ says the police officer. Basil is forced into a jeep. Lasya laughs .. ‘And if you go around the courts, the police, the cases .. I think in the mind of the love-letter marriage. All in all, Lacey Tulsi was arrested. The longer the article turned out to be juicy. Let’s see more details in the next part! ‘Intinti Grihalakshmi’ continues.


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