Is snake blood the secret to her beauty? This is the...

Is snake blood the secret to her beauty? This is the reaction of senior hero Anil Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor style separation among Bollywood senior actors. He has acted in over 100 films and has made a name for himself in the industry. Many movies starring him are still trend setters. However, even after the age of sixty .. Anil Kapoor is maintaining the same beauty. However, there are already many doubts among the fans about his glamor secret. Fans often ask Anil what he does to stay so fit.

If you look at the actual Anil fitness .. even the current boy heroes seem to stumble. With such a muscular body, he gives a tough competition to the young heroes. In the meanwhile though .. he has become more stylish. However, he recently took part in a talk show hosted by another Bollywood hero Arbaaz Khan. On this occasion, actor Anil Kapoor revealed many interesting things about his fitness. In this show, Arbhaj listened to the questions asked by the fans to know the secrets of Anil Kapoor’s fitness.

In it, a fan asked, ‘Is drinking snake blood the reason you look so beautiful?’ Another asked, ‘When do you keep a plastic surgeon with you?’ Anil Kapoor was shocked to hear these questions. He joked that they really asked .. or did you give them money. He then revealed his fitness secret. Exercising every day .. eating a healthy diet is the reason he is like this, he said. If there are 24 hours in a day, at least one hour .. for our body .. why not allocate it for health, he said.


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