'Jatiratnalu' trailer: Ultimate fun .. Brahmi who finally gave a twist!

‘Jatiratnalu’ trailer: Ultimate fun .. Brahmi who finally gave a twist!


  • ‘Jatiratnalu’ trailer released by Prabhas
  • Starring Naveen Polisetti, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna
  • The film is set to release on March 11

Naveen Polisetti, Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi played the title roles in the movie ‘Jatiratnalu’ Caper comedy in this film KV anudip Directed by. Produced by Nag Ashwin under the banner of Swapna Cinema, the film stars Faria Abdullah as the heroine.

Pan India star Prabhas launched the ‘Jatiratnalu’ trailer in Mumbai on Thursday. This trailer is very interesting. When I saw the teaser so far, the story of this movie was Rs. Understood to revolve around 500 crores. The trailer, however, continues to laugh from beginning to end. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

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In this movie, Srikanth (Naveen) శ, Shekhar (Priyadarshi) ‌, Ravi (Rahul Ramakrishna) are three friends. Srikanth also has a love story. The trailer shows how many more roles the heroine has to play. After studying BTech, he runs the ‘Sringar Ladies Emporium’. It’s interesting why those three friends, who are so jovial, had to go to Chanchalguda jail as prisoners. Moonlight Kishore also joins the three friends in jail. No more laughs!

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Another special attraction of the Brahmanandam trailer is that he appeared as a judge at the end. ‘Is there anyone to argue on your behalf?’ If Brahmi asks .. Naveen slaps the cage with his hand and says seriously, ‘We will argue our case ourselves Yuvaranar’. Brahmanandam with that .. ‘Do not even give yourself the verdict’ .. he said with his buntrotu ‘Ray .. why me? Brahmi got up from his chair and gave a twist. The trailer is interesting with Ultimate Fun on the whole.

Rathan provided the background music and Siddham Manohar provided the cinematography. The film, which stars Murali Sharma, Naresh VK, Brahmaji, Tannikella Bharani and Vennela Kishore in other important roles, is set to release in theaters on March 11.

‘Jatiratnalu’ Trailer: We will argue our case ourselves!


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