Job change in Qatar only three times; Shura Council with instructions

Job change in Qatar only three times; Shura Council with instructions

Doha: The Shura Council has recommended that a worker in Qatar be allowed to change jobs only three times without the permission of his employer. The recommendation submitted to the government stated that the recommendation was to ensure the seriousness of the work among the workers. The Shura Council has made a number of other recommendations regarding job changes, including limiting the number of job changes.

Do not allow job changes in government schemes

The Shura Council also recommended that a maximum of 15 per cent of employees per year be allowed to change jobs without the permission of the sponsor. This is without a change of employment with the permission of the employer. At the same time, it is recommended that workers recruited to various government and quasi-government schemes should not be allowed to change jobs without the consent of the employer before the end of the contract period. Their visa term should be linked to their employment contract. The Shura Council also demanded that in cases where change of employment is allowed, the company should be entitled to compensation in lieu of the amount spent by the company on the worker.

Do not allow everyone to leave the country together

Arrangements should be made to ensure that the entire staff of an institution does not leave the country together. As part of this, the Shura Council recommended that the number of workers in a company not allowed to leave the country without the permission of the sponsor be increased from five per cent to 10 per cent. Otherwise it will adversely affect companies with fewer employees. In addition, a change of employment should be allowed only after ensuring the financial capability and legitimacy of the company to which an employee can transfer. The recommendation states that the authorities should ensure that the visa quota of the company from which the employee changes is not lost. It is also suggested that the Home Ministry make arrangements to notify the employer by text message or through the Methras three days before the worker leaves the country.

No change of employment during the contract period

The agreement signed between the employer and the employee should clearly state a term not exceeding two years. He will not be eligible to apply for a change of employment without the permission of the sponsor during this contract period. At the same time, the recommendation states that there should be no impediment to change of employment during the contract period, if there are reasonable grounds or with the consent of the employer. Last September, Qatar introduced legislation that would allow job change without the sponsor’s permission. Authorities are in the final stages of discussions before implementing it.

Special committee to consider job change

A permanent committee should be appointed in the Ministry of Labor to decide on applications for change of sponsorship. The Shura Council also called for the inclusion of representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of the Interior in this committee. If a person’s application for a change of job is rejected and the sponsor is not interested in continuing with his or her current job, a clear understanding of what action to take will be required. The council also recommended that the problem of illegal workers in the country be resolved as soon as possible. The Ministry of Labor should take steps to legalize their occupations.

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