Joe Biden's criticism of Putin withdraws Russia?

Joe Biden’s criticism of Putin withdraws Russia?

MOSCOW: Relations between the two countries have soured as US President Joe Biden has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. in this situation,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of aiding and abetting then-President Donald Trump during the US presidential election late last year. In this case, an attempt was made to poison and assassinate Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

He continues to criticize Putin and is imprisoned. Joan Biden, the new president of the United States, has condemned the assassination attempt on Navalny.

Asked about the US president’s interference in the election, Biden said, “He will have to pay the price.”

The Putin administration has invited Anatoly Anto, the US envoy, to visit Moscow amid growing tensions between the two countries. It is reported that the ambassador to the United States has withdrawn. ” We have called on Ando to hold consultations so that the issue does not escalate further.

“Now it is up to the United States to decide what the bilateral relationship should look like,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov. Putin said, “Joe Biden’s speech is reminiscent of the past and present of the United States.”



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