Kajal as host .. Shooting for wedding week .. 'Fraudsters' Beauty Open...

Kajal as host .. Shooting for wedding week .. ‘Fraudsters’ Beauty Open Comments on making Manchu Vishnu an older sister

Tollywood Chandamama Latest Movie ”. Even 15 years after starting her career, this beautiful moon is still showing the same intensity with a series of films. Currently, the movie ‘Mosagallu’ starring Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Agarwal in the lead roles. Directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin, the film features music by Sam CS. Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty played a pivotal role. Based on the world’s biggest IT scam, the film is set to release worldwide on March 19. Those charms are for you ..

I have never done a film like this in my career ..
I have never done a movie like ‘Cheats’ in my career. I am happy to do a different role like Anu than my regular commercial roles. It seemed similarly challenging.

Akka’s younger brother scam in America
I just loved hearing director Jeffrey’s story. How can a brother in Mumbai scam in America? Audiences will surely be thrilled to see that on the silver screen. I did enjoy the character.

Will the audience accept it if it is done as a brother? Asked Vishnu
I played the role of Manchu Vishnu’s hero in this movie that I like. This is the mastermind behind the whole scam. I asked Manchu Vishnu if the audience would accept if we were both brothers. Let’s believe in the director’s vision. Vishnu said it would be a workout. So we started the movie ‘Cheats’. According to the story my character does not have a lovetrack in the movie. There are no action scenes for the character of Anu in this movie. No scenes with Sunil Shetty. There are some scenes with Navdeep and Naveen Chandra.

I have not seen this movie but Mohan Babu has seen it ..
I have not seen the movie ‘Cheats’ yet. But legendary actor Mohan Babu says that he got emotional after watching this movie. Mohan Babu is so happy that such great actors like the movie.

Manchu Vishnu is also the producer of this movie .. but when it comes to the set, he is an actor
ంచు Manchu Vishnu is also the producer of the movie ‘Mosagallu’. But once Vishnu enters the sets, he becomes an actor. Does not speak as a producer. The production values ​​of this film are also good. We shot in realistic, live locations. Fraudsters also filmed in Mumbai slums.

My voice for the English version
The film was shot in Telugu and English. We are releasing in Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil languages. Some of my films have already been released at the Pan‌ India level. Wouldn’t it be great if our films had a wide range and reached a wider audience? I gave my voice to the English version of this movie.

Working with a Hollywood director ..
Working with ✦ Hollywood ‌ director Jeffrey seemed very new. If you shoot frame-to-frame scenes here, Jeffrey wants to shoot the big scene all at once. As well as teasing. Another thing is … a scene shot once in English should be shot in Telugu again. Had a good learning experience that was a little difficult.

Next time to take more precautions
I am doing ‘Acharya’ with Chiranjeevi. I’m going to do an action entertainer with Nagsir. I am doing another Tamil film along with a Tamil film called ‘Ghosti’. ‘Indian‌ 2’ movie is currently stopped. There has been a mixed response to my live telecast web series. I think the reason for that is the late release. Next time I will take more precautions. The idea is to make web series. Stories should move. I might have a show as a host. Can’t say when now.

A week after getting married
Corona had to stay home for a year. I took some homework, recipes, and online classes in Lockdown. But the movies didn’t. Is happy to be doing it now. I got involved in the shooting immediately after the week of getting married.


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