Karthika Deepam September 14 Episode: Monica released from jail and sent to...

Karthika Deepam September 14 Episode: Monica released from jail and sent to jail .. No happy ending, real story begins

The ‘Kartikadeepam’ serial which impressed the television audience a lot .. entered 1144 episode today (September 14, 2021).

1144th Episode Highlights ..
Karthik says that Monita is alive .. after all that has happened .. the lawyer gets up on behalf of Karthik .. ‘Now it seems another chance based on what Karthik said .. can I question ACP Roshini on the same point?’ Says. Judge Proceed means .. Roshini falls into the cage. ‘Did you inquire whether Monita came to the station as Dr. Karthik said?’ Says Lawyer on behalf of Karthik. ‘I did .. I met that tea batter daughter myself .. She was really dumb. Deepa is already in the same delusion with Karthik .. saying that he saw Monita. Says. The trial is over. Judge Punch recused himself without comment.

One minute my land is like a lamp. ‘Before the verdict is heard .. Give an opportunity to introduce an important witness. Whoever thinks she is dead .. that Monita who convicted my husband .. ‘says Monita. Monita comes. Everything, including Roshini, comes as a shock. If a constable is trying to catch Monita .. he will say ‘I will not run away .. let go’. If Monita goes towards Karthik smiling and standing in the cage .. Roshini will be castrated. She came running towards the beauty lamp in a festive manner and kissed him saying, ‘You are the bride of my house .. Sati Savitri ..’ If Aditya and Anandrao are also talking happily with the lamp .. the judge will go and sit down as the order says.

He is innocent .. My name is Monita .. I am still alive .. says Monita. ‘What is all this .. Judge says why did he do this until he is punished. ‘Sorry .. for wasting all your time .. I am in anonymity till now because I do not hate Karthik .. love .. I wanted to be a mother to his child because of that love. I wanted to be his second wife because of that love .. but that love was a curse to me .. that love made me forget about good and bad confessions. That’s why I played the role of dead .. My Karthik had to be arrested. After that, an offer was made to surrender if he married me. Karthik did not surrender to me even if I surrendered. He still doesn’t recognize my love .. but if my Karthik is punished .. my love seemed meaningless .. that’s why I came .. I want everyone to forgive me for wasting all your time .. that’s all Milad ‘concludes Monita.

Judge Punch repeatedly asked, “Why a goat? It is clear that the police did not conduct a full investigation before arresting Dr Karthik, who was in a high position in the society. Roshini apologizes for reprimanding the police for the incident. “As far as the case is concerned, the accused Dr Karthik was acquitted on the ground that Monita was alive and appeared in court,” the judge said. Dr Monita, who went missing after being accused of killing her but did not kill her, was found guilty of defaming Karthik and causing mental stress.

Deepani Karthik hugs him lovingly. While Soundarya, Anandrao and Aditya Deepa are happy .. Monita comes and says .. ‘Excuse me .. then don’t break the greeting card ..’ Immediately pointing towards Karthik .. Karthik .. my Karthik .. I have not been convicted yet .. I do not think the punishment will take much. In the meanwhile your baby growing in my womb will fall to this earth .. born to share your blood .. then come .. come again .. be ready .. come .. love my dear .. Shakichi goes away.

In order to interrogate Roshini Monita .. ‘You are a good fit for what’ Mekavanne Puli ‘is, Monita says to Roshini Monita ..’ I felt sorry when I heard about you .. but now I feel ashamed that I have done something wrong .. what can I do? Roshini is angry. ‘Achieved madam .. I have achieved half .. If I marry Karthik I will be completely achieved .. Yes madam .. Karthik means mad to me .. I have loved him since before he became someone else’s husband .. I wanted to make my vad. But the lamp did. Became the father of two children. However, my love is not dead .. that is why I gave up ‘says Monita. ‘Even though you are talking so desperately .. I fully understand Nuvento. But did you know that for the crimes you have committed, atrocities are punishable by life ‘says Roshini angrily.

‘Let go madam .. I am not afraid .. If my love is true .. I will come out soon .. I will marry Karthik .. Even if you do extra punishment .. Why do you want to speak my mind. All this happened because I did not tell Karthik what was on my mind. I told you it would be my incompetence if I didn’t tell you even now .. that’s all madam ‘says Monita. “You speak very cleverly, Monita .. but I can see Karthik’s tears and his family,” said Roshini. “I can only see Karthik, madam,” says Monita.

‘I want Karthik madam’ said Monita .. ‘Let’s talk tomorrow’ says Roshini. Ratnaseeta comes and takes Monita to jail. And if Karthik slips into the sun and the lamp slips and says snow chatter .. both the children will ask questions over and over again. Did you arrest Monita for fleeing to Aunty? Did you both have to do an operation .. If that patient dies, Monita Aunty will run away .. Do you mean Dorikeshav to the police ..? And where is Monita Aunty now? How did you get out? ‘ Karthik sends word that it is too late to go to sleep. But after going a little farther, the sun goes back .. ‘Nanna .. let’s all go away, when will we go as Annav’ says. We will see more details in the next part. karthika deepam continues. But tomorrow’s twist turned out to be shocking. Click the link below for details.
Karthikadeepam shocking twist: Dr. Babu breaks the lamp .. Monita leads the story from jail


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