Kitilan house for Rs 86, no deposit; A city with a...

Kitilan house for Rs 86, no deposit; A city with a different deal

What if you get a house for eighty-six rupees? That too without paying a single penny in deposit. The lowest priced homes for sale are in the picturesque town of Lorenzana in the Basilica region of southern Italy. Vintage homes for sale in the city as part of a drive to attract new residents. Many unoccupied houses lie abandoned in Lawrence. That is why we are looking for new residents in these places. Such deals are common in most cities in Italy. In most cities, regular home buyers are required to provide a deposit guarantee. Deposits range from 2,000 to 5,000 euros. That is from one and a half lakh to four and a half lakh rupees. The amount will be refunded when the renovation work of the house is completed. This is the only specialty here. Also Read: But Lawrence’s offer is different. These houses are provided without a deposit. In addition the renovation work of the house should be completed by the purchaser himself. One such initiative was launched in Laurence in February this year. Mayor Michelle Ungaro said their goal is to help new people own their dream home. He said it was difficult for foreigners to get a house here but they were ready to take it on. Owners must be willing to spend at least യൂറോ 20,000 to renovate their homes and buildings. Also Read: Renovation work must begin within three months of purchase and successfully completed within three years. The design and plan of the home renovation must be submitted at the time of purchase. In Lawrence, there are about 10 abandoned old houses and 40 buildings. Some of these have fallen into disrepair, while others are still standing today. Most of the buildings date back to the 1800s. Most of the buildings in the town are made of red brick and stone.


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