Kovid vaccine for all adults by May 1; Joe Biden with...

Kovid vaccine for all adults by May 1; Joe Biden with suggestion


  • U.S. with vaccination activities
  • The vaccine is available to all adult Americans soon
  • Ahead of the vaccination target

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said that all Americans of all ages are eligible to receive the Kovid vaccine by May 1. Biden’s words came during his first prime time address. He said the target was to deliver 10 million vaccines in the first 100 days of taking office, which was well above the target by the 60th day.

The Biden States have been instructed to give Kovid vaccines to all adult Americans before May 1st. The U.S. president’s announcement comes a year after the World Health Organization declared Kovid a pandemic. He also said that everyone should take vixen when the opportunity arises.

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Biden said the number of people who have died of covid infection in the United States is kept in the pocket. “I know it’s tough. So far I’ll keep the card with the number of Americans who have died of Kovid in my pocket,” Biden said.

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The president also strongly condemned the racist attacks on Asians in the United States since the Kovid expansion began. Mr Biden said it was a “heinous crime” and that such actions were not in keeping with American tradition.

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