Kuwait overturns angel; The decision to lift the travel ban from...

Kuwait overturns angel; The decision to lift the travel ban from today has been reversed

Kuwait has withdrawn its ban on direct flights to 35 countries, including India, in the wake of the Kovid expansion. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced yesterday that travel from all countries will be withdrawn subject to conditions from February 21. But he abruptly withdrew from the decision.

The travel ban was extended indefinitely

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation said in a Twitter message that the decision to lift the travel ban was taken at the behest of the Ministry of Health in the wake of the continuing spread of Kovid in the country. Authorities said the current travel ban has been extended indefinitely. The current travel ban will remain in place until further notice. At the same time, Kuwaitis are not barred from entering the country. Kuwaiti citizens are advised to stay in a quarantine for seven days at a hotel and then at home for seven days.

A setback for expats


On February 7, Kuwait decided to impose a travel ban on all foreign nationals. Prior to that, the ban was limited to 35 countries, including India, where Kovid outbreaks were high. However, on February 21, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced that entry from these 35 countries would be subject to conditions. One of the conditions was to stay in the quarantine for 14 days at one’s own expense in one of the hotels approved by the government. Before boarding a flight to Kuwait, Muzaffar also suggested booking a hotel in Quarantine via the app or the Bilsalama online platform. Another requirement was to have two PCR tests at your own expense. But the authorities’ withdrawal from this decision was a major setback for the expatriates.

The expatriates, including the Malayalees, were relieved to be able to go directly to Kuwait as the condition of entering Kuwait only after a 14-day quarantine stay in a third country was lifted. After arriving in the UAE to travel to Kuwait, the expatriates who were trapped there due to the sudden travel ban were also preparing to go to Kuwait. With the new decision, they have no choice but to return home.

The travel ban came into effect in August


The government has banned flights from 31 countries, including India, since August 1 last year. Then, in August, Afghanistan was added to the list. In September, the ban was extended to France and Argentina. Singapore was also removed from the list. Britain was last on the list of countries banned from traveling. This follows the report in the UK of a new variant of the genetic mutation of the Kovid that spreads faster than the normal Kovid virus.

Kuwait says no lockdown


At the same time, Kuwaiti officials said that the propaganda that the country was going to announce a lockdown again in the wake of the Kovid expansion was baseless. A government spokesman, Tariq al-Masram, said on Twitter that no decision had been taken yet. At the same time, he said, discussions were underway under the leadership of the Ministry of Health on all necessary measures to prevent the spread of Kovid. He said people should be prepared to follow the rules and regulations of the Kovid properly instead of going after rumors.


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