Lahari Shari: I have no relationship with Pawan .. False writings that...

Lahari Shari: I have no relationship with Pawan .. False writings that he is the fourth wife: Bigg Boss Lahari shocking things

Katti Mahesh, who died in a recent car accident, has a good reputation as a critic. His criticism of Pawan Kalyan in particular has caused a great deal of controversy. However, no matter how many people criticize him, Katti Mahesh is effective with his knowledge. However, at that time, in a TV channel debate, Mahesh gave a strong slap to the sword as an anchor. Pawan Kalyan What is your mother’s name, Katti Mahesh, who is critical of personal matters? Asked. A man named Vivek, who took part in the same debate, also asked Katti Mahesh about his mother and was embarrassed.

However, when asked many times, Katti Mahesh did not say anything about his mother. He got up in the middle of the interview. While this interview was a big sensation at the time .. the anchor who did that interview was not someone .. Lahari who is currently the Bigg Boss Season 5 contestant. That single interview made her a celebrity. Pawan Kalyan fans bragged about this anchor at the time. On the same occasion, she went to the Janasena party coverage founded by Pawan Kalyan .. circling the Janasena flag on the bike .. many rumors were circulating about taking photos of Pawan Kalyan in person.

However, in response to all this, Lahari said the real thing. The video is currently going viral on social media. What Lahari has said so far .. ‘In fact, I became famous because of Katti Mahesh. He was talking about Pawan Kalyan in that interview .. Condemning it, the interview went viral everywhere. In fact I have no quarrels with Katti Mahesh Gari.

However, in this interview, he was criticizing Pawan Kalyan .. It seemed that a fan can take a stand rather than an anchor. That is why I condemned his words. I did not expect that Katti Mahesh would get up in the middle of that interview but .. it would go big viral.

I was wrong to ask about Katti Mahesh’s mother in that interview. I do not think so. It did not seem right for him to leave because he asked that question. Vivek, who took part in the interview, also asked what your mother’s name was and what she would do. I made a very request to Katti Mahesh Gari .. not to go like that. I have no intention of humiliating Katti Mahesh’s mother. Because Amma sells to anyone.

Pawan Kalyan has millions of fans like me. Will react somewhere. I reacted a bit earlier. I was commented very negatively on this issue .. False writings that Pawan Kalyan is the fourth wife. I have no such idea.

That is why the rumor came .. Pawan Kalyan is a favorite .. When the admiration was told to ten people, it went to the people in a different way. I did not write any love letters to Pawan Kalyan. Many people did not like me speaking on behalf of Pawan Kalyan on national media channels. Over and over I thought I would react .. I don’t need that much. But where is Pawan Kalyan? Where am I ?? I went to Janasena Party coverage for four days as a media representative.

But I was not there for four days with the sword Mahesh issue .. I could not even be there for an hour. Because .. many Pawan Kalyan fans came to me and asked for selfies .. while I was scouring for photos, our channel sent me from there. Because there was so much rush.

Why did I go for that coverage .. I went to see him as a fan. This is Pachinism. Although there were many journalists when I went for coverage, Pawan Kalyan would have spoken to me if I had been there before, ‘said Anchor Lahari, refuting the rumors about him.


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