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Legislative elections in West Bengal in 8 phases; Election results on May 2: Election Commission announcement

West Bengal will go to the polls in eight phases and Assam in three phases Election Commission Announced today.

Leadership Election Commissioner Sunil Arora was interviewed by reporters in Delhi today. He said:

“Elections will be held in three phases for 126 constituencies in Assam. It is to be conducted in 3 phases as different districts and areas in the state of Assam cannot be held in a single phase due to law and order problem there. The first round of elections will be held on March 27. 2nd phase election on April 1st. 6th phase 3rd phase election.

The vote count is set for May 2.

Increase in polling stations in Kerala

Kerala will go to the polls on April 6 in a single phase. Malappuram Lok Sabha by-election will be held on April 6. Counting centers have been increased in Kerala. Last time there were 21,498 centers, this time 40,771 centers have been set up.

The term of the legislature in Kerala ends on June 1. Of the 140 constituencies here, S.C. 14 constituencies have been allotted to the tribals and 2 constituencies to the tribals.

Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry will go to the polls on April 6 in a single phase. The vote count will take place on May 2

West Bengal Election

And for 294 constituencies in West Bengal Election in 8 phases is going to happen. It is being conducted in 8 phases as it is difficult to hold the elections in a single phase as violence continues in various places in West Bengal.

The first phase is scheduled for March 27 and the second phase is scheduled for April 1. Phase 3 will take place on April 6, Phase 4 on April 10 and Phase 5 on April 17. The 6th phase election is scheduled for April 22, the 7th phase election is scheduled for April 26, and the 8th and final phase election is scheduled for April 29.

The term of the legislature in West Bengal ends on May 30. There are 294 blocks here. In which S.C. There are 68 constituencies allotted to the section and 16 constituencies to the tribals.

There are 18.64 crore voters in 5 states and 2.70 lakh polling booths are to be set up in 5 states.

Voting will be done on video. Tense polls will be monitored online. Only two persons will be allowed when filing nominations. Candidates can also apply online. Only 5 people will be allowed to collect votes along with the candidate

Postal voting is open to those over 80 years of age. Those who have the option can vote by selecting postal votes. Voting time has been extended by one hour.

A candidate is allowed to spend only Rs 30.80 lakh per constituency.


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