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Luis Miguel faces lawsuit from man who took care of his mansion for 28 years

Legal battles continue for Luis Miguel. After José Pérez, former manager of the ‘Sol de México’, revealed that he would sue the production of his biographical series for ensuring that he stole money, now, another former worker joins the complaints against the singer.

It is about Javier Francisco Guatemala, who assures that he remained for 28 years in charge of the care of the popular mansion that Luis Miguel I had in Acapulco, on the Bonfil esplanade.

According to the Guatemalan version, he was fired in 2012 and without payment, so with his lawyer Tomás Gutiérrez he sued the artist for unjustified dismissal and claims compensation for 10 years of salary.

“You really feel the frustration of having worked all your life and I think we all work for something,” said the man for the cameras of the Aztec program Suelta la soup. In addition, he explained that, after liquidating the property, Luis Miguel cut off contact with him.

“The lawsuit is because after 2012, when he left, we lost communication, contact, and from there he contacted me with his personal secretary, Mr. Joe Madera, and the money no longer began to arrive normally. So we start there with shortcomings. They cut off my electricity, I owed the employees (of the mansion) seven, eight months now, ”he continued.

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