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Maestro Pre Release Event: I was shocked to see Mangli .. Nitin shocking comments

Everyone knows the sensational success of the Bollywood movie ‘Andhadun’. He remade such a film in Telugu as ”. The upcoming movie pre-release event on Disney Hot Star on September 17 took place this evening (September 14). In this sequence Nitin said and shared the news of the film. As part of that, Singer Mangli commented on becoming an actress. So let’s see what Nitin has to say. Nitin said .. ‘Sorry to my fans first. The function could not be performed so grandly due to the Covid rules. Andhadun cult movie in Hindi. Frightened when he wanted to do a remake. But we took the risk to prove ourselves as an actor. The director worked very hard for this film. What do you think? Is called. If changes are made to the additions .. Soul is not spoiled. But Gandhi adapted to the tastes of the Telugu audience. I think our film is as good as how we enjoyed Hindi cinema. Mahathir Sagar gave a much better background score than the songs. I, Gandhi, felt that it would be good to see such a good RR in the theater. But we are coming into OTT due to circumstances. DOP Yuvraj’s performance would also be nice to see on the big screen. Art director Suresh’s work is also good. But we are missing out on the big screen. Let’s get our team all working together again. We made some very difficult decisions for this movie. Casting is very important for this film. We took Jishu for the villain. We thought a lot of people for the taboo character. But does Tamanna agree? Or not? We thought. However, our father said that Mangli is suitable for one role. But I could not believe it. Is she a Singer? Thought. But the director shot a scene. Said doing well. And when I went on set, did you see her acting while acting with her? Actress? I was shocked. From now on, she will step aside as a singer and will be busy as an actor. ‘


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