Massage center firing: a test for the new law

Massage center firing: a test for the new law

Atlanta: Eight women, including six from Asia, have been killed in a recent shooting at massage parlors in Atlanta, USA.

Racial attacks against people from other countries living in the United States are on the rise. Laws have been enacted in all but one of the four states to prevent such crimes on the basis of hatred. Subsequently, there too, the law against the crime of hate was introduced.

Meanwhile, at a massage parlor in Atlanta, a young man, Robert Aaron Long, 21, was shot dead recently. Of these, eight women, including six from Asia, were killed. In this case, ‘do not shoot them on the basis of hatred. “I committed this crime under the influence of ‘sex,'” Lang said. “So the question is whether Long will be prosecuted under the Hate Crimes Act.”

Under Georgia law, murder is punishable by a minimum of life imprisonment and a fine. Under the Hate Crimes Act, additional imprisonment or fines can only be imposed. Therefore, controversy has arisen as to whether this new law is largely ineffective.
At the same time, the law is said to help identify crimes against foreigners living in the United States. The case against Long has sparked a new debate over hate crime law. It also raises the question of whether legislation with uniform and severe penalties will be enacted across the country.



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