Mega, Akkineni combo movie .. Vaishnav Tej with Nagarjuna .. Huge remuneration...

Mega, Akkineni combo movie .. Vaishnav Tej with Nagarjuna .. Huge remuneration for the second movie


  • Vaishnav Tej movie with Nagarjuna
  • Mega nephew who is going to receive huge remuneration
  • Nagarjuna sketch with new director

No matter how many family crutches there are, success is not easy without talent. Star Kids are coming to the industry especially in the movie industry but few want success in it. The talent shown by the actors and the power of the film content will be the booster for their careers. Also, Vaishnav Tej, the mega nephew who made his debut as the successor of the film .. Telugu directors’ eyes fell on this young hero as he made a name for himself with his first film. It seems that Akkineni got the chance to do a film with Nagarjuna in this sequence.

Vaishnav Tej, who pushed the Telugu audience with ‘Uppena’, showed his excellent performance in front of the camera and was praised by many celebrities. He impressed the Tollywood audience with his natural look and acting. This is creating a tsunami of ‘surge’ collections. Against this backdrop, Nagarjuna set out to make a film with Vaishnav Tej. To this extent, Nagarjuna has also taken the green signal from megastar Chiranjeevi.
‘Uppena’ making video .. Vaishnav Tej, the movie that gave a super start to Kriti Shetty is on the screen !!
Akkineni Nagarjuna is reportedly preparing to make the film under the banner of his own production company Annapurna Productions. However, it has become a hot topic to know that Vaishnav has been offered a huge remuneration for starring in the film. Vaishnav, who bagged Rs 50 lakh for his first film ‘Uppena’, has been given a huge offer of Rs 3 crore by Nagarjuna. Nag has chosen a different story to this extent .. Information that this film is going to be made with a new director.


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