Milei’s denialism in the presidential debate in Argentina: “There were not 30,000 missing people during the dictatorship”

The candidate for the presidency of Argentina from La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Javier Milei, has once again brought out his denialism in the debate ahead of the presidential elections in the country. In the part of the televised debate in which the candidates spoke about human rights and historical memory, Milei repeated on several occasions that “there were not 30,000 missing, but 8,753” people kidnapped in the dictatorship of Videla and Massera.

These 30,000 people correspond to the official and approximate figure given by human rights organizations and the majority of Argentine parties, a reality that Milei denies. “During the 70s there was a war and the State forces committed excesses, but the ERP terrorists [El Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo, la guerrilla argentina] and Montoneros [guerrilla peronista] “They killed, planted bombs and committed crimes against humanity,” he said.

The far-right candidate also attacked associations such as the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. “We do not agree with the work of human rights,” those who, according to Milei, “used ideology to make money.”

It is not the first time that Milei reveals his denialism about the crimes of the Argentine dictatorship. The Argentine candidate surrounds himself with leaders who relativize the terror of the State and promise punishment, which also leads to a radicalization of opponents like Macri. The LLA ultra obtained more than 30% of support in the PASO (primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory) elections, which could mean a turn in Argentina to the extreme right.

We value the vision of memory, truth and justice. Let’s start with the truth. There were not 30 thousand missing people, there are 8,753

“Do you remember Shared Dreams? Or the Plaza de Mayo Mothers’ University itself. You guys continue discussing the story or rewrite it. We come here to govern a different Argentina, which is impossible with the same people as always,” she reiterated.

In her program, Milei defends the end of legal abortion, sexual education in schools and the free purchase of weapons. Furthermore, not only is she a denialist regarding the dictatorship, she is also a denialist regarding climate change, “another of the lies of socialism.” Next Sunday, October 22, the elections will be held in the country, so the candidates have two weeks to present their campaign.

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