Millipole Qatar Security Exhibition from tomorrow; 143 companies are participating

Millipole Qatar Security Exhibition from tomorrow; 143 companies are participating

Doha: The 13th edition of the Millipole Qatar International Exhibition on Civil Security and Civil Defense in Qatar kicks off on Monday (March 15). The exhibition, which runs until March 17, will feature 143 defense companies from inside and outside Qatar. The exhibition will be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, the organizers said at a press conference. The Millipole Qatar is held every two years.

Millipole Qatar President Major General Nasser bin Fahad Al Thani said all preparations for the exhibition, organized by the Qatari Interior Ministry in collaboration with the French firm Comexposia, have been completed. The exhibition will showcase the future of the internal security and civil defense sector after the Kovid era. The exhibition will showcase the products of companies operating in the defense and security sectors around the world. Millipole Qatar will also be attended by internationally renowned experts in these fields.

71 companies from 17 countries and 72 companies from Qatar will participate in the exhibition. Special pavilions from Brazil, France, Germany, the UK and the US will be on display. In addition, there will be various pavilions of international companies. The organizers said that they expect a large presence of visitors to the exhibition, which meets all the Kovid standards. He added that it was hoped that this would enable Qatar to select the best security equipment it would need in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup.

Construction companies from around the world will be presenting defense and security systems in anticipation of future security challenges. He added that the exhibition will help introduce the best products and services needed for public safety and homeland security in the Middle East. Bursan Holdings, Abdullah Abdul Ghani Company, Eshhar Security Services, Ooredoo, Outbox, Al Hassam, Salih Al Hamad Almana, Stark Motors, Zaida Group, MSc Qatar, Dell Technologies, Mannai Corporation, Salam Air Technologies, Qatar


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