MIM shocks BJP in Gujarat .. Paga in 'Godhra' all together

MIM shocks BJP in Gujarat .. Paga in ‘Godhra’ all together

HighThe AIMIM party, led by Darabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, has shocked the ruling BJP in Gujarat. The BJP was prevented from regaining the Godhra municipality seat. In addition, their party’s candidate moved to win the mayoral seat. The town of Godhra is known to have been a major center of religious strife in 2002. For the first time, a non-kasha flag was flown in the area, which is a stronghold of the BJP so far.

The Majlis party won only 7 seats in the 44-member Godhra municipality election. Competed for eight positions and won in Edent. However .. The victory of the candidates in their alliance in 17 seats united the party. In addition, Asaduddin’s party retained control of Godhra by fielding five independent candidates.

The MIM won 17 seats from the coalition, five of which were non-Muslims. Some BJP leaders entered the ring as rebels after not getting tickets. Along with them, four other candidates contested as independents and won. They all joined hands with the MIM alliance.

BJP candidates won 18 seats. However, the MIM flag is flying over the Godhra municipality by turning the independents to their side. With the support of the Majlis party, Sanjay Soni is likely to take over as Godhra municipality president. Elections were held on February 28.

On the other hand .. It is known that the Aam Aadmi Party has spread its power in Surat municipality. AAP, which contested the Gujarat elections for the first time, has emerged as the opposition party in Surat municipality. MIM won seven seats in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Similarly, MIM contested 12 seats in Modasa Municipality and won 9 seats.

What happened in Godhra in 2002?
The atrocity took place on February 27, 2002 at Godhra railway station in Gujarat. Sabarmati Express train S-6 bogie set on fire by thugs 59 people were killed in the incident. Most of them are returning from a trip to Ayodhya.

Gujarat was devastated after the incident. There was a rift between the two factions. Hundreds died in the riots that followed. While most of them are Muslims .. there are also some Hindus.

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