BusinessMintra with Big Fashion Festival at Kitilan Offer

Mintra with Big Fashion Festival at Kitilan Offer


  • Mintra with offer sales
  • Record sales at the Big Fashion Festival

Mintra with offer sales after Amazon and Flipkart. The offer went on sale under the name Mintra Big Fashion Festival, which is owned by Walmart. Reports indicate that about six lakh products were sold in the first hour alone. 1.9 crore visitors visited the website. This is one of the biggest sales of Mintra so far.

The offer sale is for eight days. More than 40 lakh customers bought the goods on the first day itself. Mostly from small towns. About 40 percent of orders come from Tier 2 and 3 cities and beyond. Mintra officials were also amazed to see such a good response to the Big Fashion Festival, Mintra CEO Amar said. About 20 percent of new customers are from tier 2 or 3 cities. About 40 percent are regular customers. Celebrity associations and other affiliates have sponsored the fashion festival.

On the first day of the offer sale, 20% of the people who came to the site and bought the products were women. T-shirts were the biggest sellers. Roadster T-shirts were in high demand. It is noteworthy that sales have not declined during the Kovid period and the demand for online shopping is on the rise. Most of the sales are in men’s casual wear, women’s traditional and western clothing, sports shoes, children’s products, accessories, beauty and personal care products.

About 60% of sellers are first-time sellers. When the sales started, there were 670,000 customers using the app at the same time. There are more customers this year than last year. Demand is higher than last year. For beautycare and personal care products. The growth in this segment is over 190 per cent. Accessories and sportswear are just behind. The sales growth in this segment was 80 per cent and 75 per cent on the first day.


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