Months after vaccination; The Russian president finally decided to get vaccinated

Months after vaccination; The Russian president finally decided to get vaccinated


  • The Russian president will receive the vaccine tomorrow
  • Putin did not specify which vaccine he was receiving
  • The decision comes amid growing criticism

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin will receive the Kovid vaccine on Tuesday. Putin’s decision to adopt the vaccine comes months after the start of the Kovid vaccination campaign in the country. The English-language Hindustan Times reported that he had made it clear during a meeting with government officials that he would receive the vaccine.

During a meeting with officials, Putin said he would receive the vaccine tomorrow, but did not specify which vaccine would be approved in Russia. So far, three vaccines have been approved for use in the country.

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Opponents have been critical of the president ‘s refusal to accept the vaccine, despite the introduction of Kovid vaccination in the country. There is also criticism that vaccination activities in the country are progressing slowly. It was in this context that the President announced that he was receiving the vaccine.

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According to official figures, 6.3 million people in Russia have received the first dose of the vaccine so far. 4.3 million people have received both doses. Speaking about vaccination, Putin reiterated that vaccines are safe. “Today we can say with confidence that Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable and safe,” Putin said. “This is the complete success of our scientists and experts.” Putin says that.

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