More than half of Oman's population is reported to be obese

More than half of Oman’s population is reported to be obese

Muscat: More than half of Oman’s population is obese, says health minister Ahmad Muhammad Al Saeed. About 30 percent of them have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30, he said. This is a serious problem facing the health sector in Oman. He said the latest figures show that the rate of obesity in the country has increased compared to the 2008 survey. The Minister was speaking at the launch of the book Obesity in Oman on World Obesity Day. Also Read: It is universally accepted that obesity is not just an individual problem but a toxin that affects a society as a whole. Although there are many reasons for this, the minister said that the basic reasons for this are diet and lack of exercise. Unhealthy eating habits have increased due to lifestyle changes. With the advancement of technology, the physical activity of the people has decreased significantly. He also said that this has exacerbated the problem of obesity. The health department alone cannot solve this problem. Rather, the collective and planned action of all sectors is essential. He added that legislation would be required accordingly.


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