Nadi Perumallapalli .. I have read the degree: 'Srikaram' Director Kishore Interview

Nadi Perumallapalli .. I have read the degree: ‘Srikaram’ Director Kishore Interview

” There have been a lot of films on agriculture. But in our ‘Srikaram’ movie we mentioned things that no one said and showed. I am very happy that these are getting a good response from the audience, ”said director Kishore. ‘Srikaram’ is a movie directed by Kishore with Sharvanand as the hero. Built by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta on the 14 Reels Plus flag. Released on March 11 as a Mahashivaratri gift, the film has been well received by the audience. On this occasion, the director Kishore was captivated by the media. The news …

ది Madi is a village in Perumallapally, Chittoor district. First I wanted to take out hotel management. Said not wanting to be in our house. I said I would go to the movies after that. Asked to complete a pre-degree. I came to the industry after completing my degree. I started my career as an Assistant Director in the industry with the help of a distributor.

I worked as an assistant director for the films ‘Love.Dom’ and ‘Lakshmi Rave Ma Indiki’. At that time I also worked as an assistant director for a Kannada film. I did some short films after that.

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Many people have seen the short film ‘Srikaram’ which I made in 2016 and said that it is a movie content. Then came the opportunity to film on 14 Reels Plus. I was very happy to have my first film as a director in a big production house. Also, Chiranjeevi and KTR are very happy to come to my first film functions. Also special thanks to the celebrities who promoted and admired our film through social media. We are very happy that our film is getting good response from the audience from day one. Good respect is also earned. Thanks to our producers for contributing to this. ‘Srikaram’ is an important part of their film success credit.

I came from a farming family so I came up with the idea for the movie ‘Srikaram’. There have been a lot of movies in the agriculture backdrop. There have been a lot of movies on topics like cricket and love. As well as on agriculture. But we touched on a point that no one in our film said. The audience is connecting to this point. Going to the theaters in tractors from the villages to see our movie. Audiences are all connected. Emotions‌ I think my strength.

‘Sharvanand’ acted wonderfully. Settle on performance, especially in emotional scenes. Also, the characters of Rao Ramesh, Saikumar and senior Naresh are getting good response. Satya Comedy Track also impresses the audience. We took 40 acres of land for this movie and actually harvested crops in it and shot some scenes. Thanks to the producers Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta for this. Also the heroine Priyanka Arul Mohan impressed with her performance.

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It took me four years to get into my first movie theaters. What? Thought it took so long. But it seemed so inspiring to know that our producers had waited almost seven years to make the first film.

Many people have phoned after watching this movie. Directors Harish Shankar, Krishnachaitanya, Sagar K Chandra and many other young directors phoned and congratulated him. Also, directors Ajay Bhupathi, Bobby and Gopichand Malineni hailed the film ‘Srikaram’ in front of the media. Special thanks to them.

✦ My next movie action ఉంటుంది will be in the backdrop. Complete ‌ Different‌ for the movie ‘Srikaram’. I like mythological movies. I will make such a movie in the future.


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