Nandi 4 Days Collections .. Allari Naresh is one step away from...

Nandi 4 Days Collections .. Allari Naresh is one step away from that feat


  • Allari Naresh Hawa with the movie ‘Nandi’
  • The fourth day also had notable collections
  • Chance to break even with today

Allari Naresh, who is leading Hawa as Tollywood’s minimum guarantee hero, has been vying for the right hit bed for the last few years. While being praised for playing typical roles, he is vying for a solo hit. In this context, with the recent movie ‘Bangaru Bullodu’, the audience did not work out much. Undaunted though, the rioters now proceeded with the experimental film ‘Nandi’. The film was released on February 19. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Despite some expectations on the movie with teaser and trailer, the first day did not get big collections ‘Nandi’. However, the audience who saw the movie on the first day made positive talk comments on Naresh’s performance and the stuff in the story and the collections picked up in two or three days in a row. Audiences have been searching for riot theaters since the weekend. Then on Monday, the fourth day, the same atmosphere continued.

‘Nandi’ movie went close to break even with the collections achieved on the 4th day. In some areas, however, the break even crossed. Trade groups say the riot, which is one step away from the overall break even event, will surpass that feat with today’s collections.

If you look at the details of the fourth day collections ..
Nizam-18 lakhs
Seeded- 8 lakhs
Uttarandhra- 4.4 lakhs
East Godavari – 3.3 lakhs
West Godavari- 2.5 lakhs
Guntur- 3.9 lakhs
Krishna- 3.7 lakhs
Nellore- 2.1 lakhs
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In the two Telugu states together, 46 lakh shares and 85 lakh gross collections were recorded for the fourth day. The movie ‘Nandi’, which entered the ring with a break even of Rs 3 crore, grossed Rs 2.75 crore worldwide in its first four days. So .. if another 25 lakhs is earned, it will be a clean hit in the riot account.


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