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‘Nandigram will welcome the soil; You will be defeated on May 2 ‘: Swantu officer challenges Mamta

‘Nandigram will welcome the soil; You will lose on May 2, ‘challenged Mamta Banerjee, her former colleague.

The Trinamool Congress yesterday released the list of candidates for 291 constituencies in the forthcoming assembly elections. in it Nandigram Trinamool Congress leader and first lady to contest in the constituency Mamta Banerjee Announced.

In an interview with ANI News on Mamata’s candidature in Nandigram constituency, the SWAND official said, “Hon’ble Chief Minister, I am happy that you are fielding in Nandigram as per the list of candidates. I welcome it. Midnapore People will raise the slogan that we need the soil, not outsiders. We meet you on the field. You will fail and leave on May 2. “

Nandigram block East Midnapore Subject to the district. So, Midnapore Predicting that the people will choose themselves as the scavenger of the soil, the Swede official put forward this view.

Strong background to the self-challenge:

Political observers say the influence of the Swede official in Nandigram is strong. Because in Nandigram in 2007, during the struggle against the chemical plant, the Trinamool Congress confirmed its pro-people stance there. Then Trinamool to win the election Nandigram The struggle, the Singur struggle went hand in hand.

The role of the Swede officer was important in giving Trinamool a strong position in Nandigram. It is said that the present day Trinamool figures will not deny that the platform he put on the field later changed the votes.

Thus, Mamata Banerjee is definitely the most challenging candidate.

Based on his popular influence, the Swede has challenged Mamata Banerjee to defeat Mamata by a margin of at least 50 lakh votes in Nandigram.

In implicit acknowledgment of Swantu’s challenge, Mamata has also stated that she will not contest in Bhavanipur constituency but in any other constituency.

It is noteworthy that the West Bengal Assembly elections will be held in 8 phases.


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