Narcotics in beef .. .. Videos of a minor girl being abused...

Narcotics in beef .. .. Videos of a minor girl being abused .. Twice shocking facts in abortion ‘love jihad’ case

Caste is different .. Religion is different .. However, she chased after me saying that I like you .. He fell into the trap and experienced her in the name of love. Maya got married saying that I will change my religion for you. Tira took her home and forcibly converted her to Islam and subjected her to film torture. After experiencing hell for three years, the young woman was released from their prison. With the help of the actress Urban SP Ammireddy lodged a joint complaint. According to the complaint of a young woman .. a young woman from Guntur AT Agraharam Eighth Line went to Tirupati SV University in 2018 with an interest in Harikatha. It was there that she met Ahmed Tashif, a young man from Adoni in Kurnool district and fell in love with him. He then lied to her and took her to a lodge in 2019 and sexually assaulted her by taking drugs. Karate Kalyani who spoke to the media in Guntur on Thursday on this issue .. ‘This girl’s name is Divya. I have known him since I was a child. I came to Guntur with so much interest in her .. This girl is Haridasura. I also tell the fairy tale. The Harikatha Peetha is for me. Like me she also advocates for Hinduism. A similar girl was also subjected to Love Jihad. Love jihad is too much. Ahmed Tashif, a boy, trapped the girl. Within three months of getting married, he showed her what hell is. We will fight until justice is done for this girl. RSS affiliates came here with me to do justice to this girl. It’s not everyone’s problem .. everyone’s problem .. The widow who cheated on this girl and showed hell for three months is not left until the three ponds are full of water. Karate Kalyani said, “We have evidence that this girl, who is commemorating Harinama, was forcibly converted by saying ‘Allah’ and showed hell.”

The victim said .. ‘I am a young man named Ahmed Tashif who studied together in the same university. Guntakal Pattipada Their father is a government employee in the Panchayati Raj branch. Tashif made contact with me and trapped me .. He forced me to give him narcotics. He told me to change my religion .. He followed me. He changed his name to Tarak and married me. He then took them home and forcibly converted them to Islam. They were then married in their tradition and subjected to film torture. Their mother, sister, father and uncle attacked me. My phone was also stolen. They came and saved me by sending the location to our parents on the most difficult. They have been threatening me since that day. Fear did not come out yet. But it turned out that there were a lot of guys like me. Opium was added during menstruation .. Tests were done to see if I was a virgin. Well beaten. I was raped badly. Forced signatures with me on arrival. The boy who said talaq three times. I had two abortions. They even tried to kill me. Introduced at Tirupati SV University. Love is coming after me. My name is Guntur. His name is Guntakal. He trapped me and brought me down to Love. If you are not with me .. the two are threatening to leak intimate photos and videos. Show me those videos and enjoy me. I have been acquainted with him for three years. The others did not come forward for fear of being dishonored. I want those who tortured me so much to be punished appropriately. The media came forward today to say that the injustice done to me should not happen to another girl ‘, the victim told the media.


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