NGOs call for demonstrations on Saturday in more than 70 cities in Spain to demand that the Government take measures against Israel

On Saturday, January 20, at 12:00 noon, is the meeting in more than 75 cities to ask in the streets of all of Spain not only for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but also for an end to the sale of weapons and security material to Israel, the breaking of all types of relations with that country and support for South Africa’s lawsuit against Tel Aviv before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for genocide.

In Madrid, the demonstration will travel from Atocha to Plaza de Cibeles and, so far, 130 organizations have joined the call, including the local group of the international BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel). One of its representatives, the Palestinian Hania Faydi, denounced in a press conference this Monday that “Israel enjoys impunity but its regime does not sustain itself” and, therefore, has stated that ending the purchase and sale of arms to Government of Tel Aviv is “one of the main demands of the Palestinians.”

“How can our Government sell weapons to Israel?” Faydi asked himself, recalling the words of President Pedro Sánchez, who stated at the end of November that the number of Palestinian deaths in Gaza is “unbearable.” “The Government has not taken any step beyond expressing its pain for the Palestinian deaths,” lamented the activist, who explained that with the aim of demanding “concrete measures” to stop the massacre of Gazans, the Red Solidaria Contra The Occupation of Palestine (RESCOP) calls for taking to the streets “jointly and simultaneously” throughout the country.

For his part, Mar Gimena, representative of Desarma Madrid, also stated in that press conference that “on January 20 we will take to the streets to stop the bloodshed” in Gaza – where more than 24,000 people have died, including more of 10,000 children, since last October 7–. Gimena has claimed that it is necessary to “continue demanding that the Government immediately put an end to military and security trade” with Israel, stressing that imports of Israeli material to Spain exceed Spanish exports to that country. “The Spanish legal framework contemplates the arms embargo,” she added.

Meanwhile, journalist Teresa Aranguren has highlighted the importance of the Spanish Government supporting South Africa. “There would have to be an avalanche of European countries” that join this demand, since – in his opinion – “the conditions exist for the Israeli offensive in Gaza to be considered a genocide, both for the “war crimes and crimes against humanity” perpetrated by its Army on the ground as well as by “the statements of the Israeli leaders”, who have called for the extermination of the population of the Strip, whom they have described as “animals” or “terrorists”.

“Let us support South Africa’s demand in the streets. What our governments cannot do, let’s do it in the streets,” Aranguren asked, who has drawn parallels with the South African apartheid regime and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Anti-racist activist Moha Gerehou has said he is “proud that other black people and an African country are leading the fight” against Israel in the main UN court and has recalled that, historically, “anti-racist leaders have supported the Palestinian cause.” ”. “We are not going to experience complete freedom if there continue to be oppressed people” in the world, he has assured, which is why he has insisted that the anti-racist movement join this mobilization en masse and other “everyday” actions against Israel.

The Palestinian activist Nadua Hashash has stated that “this Saturday it is essential to take to the streets all together to ask the Government to stop this barbarism by taking measures, not just with words”; and she added that “the presence at the demonstrations will be an example of courage” of the citizens in the face of the war in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.

At the press conference that took place at the Teatro del Barrio in Madrid, a video of people from the world of Culture such as the singer Rozalén and the actor Juan Diego Botto, or the comedian and TV presenter Wyoming, who They have also called for an end to the buying and selling of weapons to Israel and an end to the slaughter in Gaza.

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