Nithiin: Pawan, Trivikram are behind me .. My guts, courage: Nithin uses...

Nithiin: Pawan, Trivikram are behind me .. My guts, courage: Nithin uses Power Star again


  • Rang De Pre Release Event
  • Nitin chanting Power Star again
  • Trivikram was not left on stage

‘Check’ is gone to Assam .. Hero Nitin said he will come back to Hyderabad with ‘Rang De’. The movie ‘Rang De’ directed by Venky Atuluri will be released on March 26. A pre-release event was held on Sunday as part of the movie promotions. Trivikram Srinivas, the magician of words, was the chief guest at the event.

As usual, Nitin named Pawan Kalyan after his film. He said .. ‘That audio ceremony was held at the sculpture venue. Then Pawan Kalyan came as a guest. Now again speaking on this stage years later. The words spoken by our teacher Trivikram that day will be remembered by all. When it comes to Rang De movie .. Naresh is very happy to do with Rohini. I find Naresh Gari as the father character in any movie. If he can’t, try different ones. The name of both of us is both of us. The scenes between the two of us in this movie are very good.

Moonlight Kishore did very well in this movie. I have three flaps in front of Bhishma. Thanks so much Kishore for doing it with me and giving me a hit. Our Czech movie went to Assam soon after. Kishore wanted to bring me back to Hyderabad with this movie .. Thanks a lot Kishore .. Abhinav also did well in this movie.

PC Shriram is very happy to work on this film. For me this is the second movie with him. We did Ishq before that. I think Rang De Ishq will be a bigger hit than that. My age in this movie is 24. But the real age for me is 36 years. The first story is all great when you hear the story but .. What am I a college student? But .. I look much younger than Kirti in the movie .. And Kirti is what reminds us that Mahanati. But in this movie, Maha Nati .. Maha Nati .. is the character who tortured me in this movie. Very well done.

In fact, Kirti lost her temper .. I immediately tweeted that she was missing .. You all immediately grabbed her and brought her. Thankyou to you.

Director Venky Atuluri mostly makes love movies. Well there will be sensitivity in it. He had a lot of love stories in college. Some I heard. Those love stories that are so crazy. Devi Sri Prasad gave wonderful music to this movie. This is our first combo .. I still want to do it before.

I have three films under the banner of Harika and Hasini Sithara .. The first is Aa, the second is Bhishma .. The third is Rang De. Sentiment means .. there is a flop in front of that. Bhishma has a flop ahead Bhishma gave. There is a flop in front of this.

I have said everything about the movie but Trivikram .. My love .. Say Shalini Love .. Trivikram is another love besides Shalini. And he boasted about me and I boasted about him. All this is waste .. I will say the same thing, I will say it simply in short. Power star Pawan Kalyan is one of my two eyes in the film industry .. and Trivikram .. they are behind me, that is my courage .. that is my guts .. I can not say anything more than this’ concluded Nitin.

However, while Nitin was talking, Pawan’s fans were always buzzing .. Power star Vakil Saab was shouting .. Nitin made them even more excited .. Vakil Saab April 9 Let’s all go together .. First day morning show .. said Nitin.


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