No charger with iPhone; Apple fined Rs 14 crore

No charger with iPhone; Apple fined Rs 14 crore


  • In Brazil, Apple was fined a large sum
  • The reason for the fine is the lack of a charger with the iPhone
  • Apple says it has stopped production of chargers and earphones due to environmental issues

Waited and bought an iPhone. What if there is no charger in that group? You filed a complaint directly in consumer court. Apple was fined not one or two rupees. The fine is around Rs 14 crore. The incident took place in Brazil.
A customer ordered the newly launched iPhone 12 .Although there was a charger in the ad, there was no charger when the iPhone box arrived.

This is what irritated the customer. Apple, meanwhile, announced last October that it would stop offering chargers and earphones with the iPhone. Apple attributed this to environmental issues.

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The company says it’s not making accessories as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, according to Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson. Also, including adapters in boxes is a waste of time.

Apple, meanwhile, did not respond to a question from the regulator as to whether selling the iPhone without a charger would reduce the price of the product. “Apple needs to understand that Brazil has strong consumer protection laws and institutions,” said Fernando Capes, executive director of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Agency.
The company must respect the laws and institutions of the country. The iPhone 12 Mini is priced at $ 729 in the US. (Rs. 52,790) In Brazil you have to pay more than $ 1,200 (Rs. 86,901) for the same phone


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