No worries if India lose 4th Test: Aussie to Test Championship final....

No worries if India lose 4th Test: Aussie to Test Championship final. Not eligible? What is the reason

Despite India’s defeat in the 4th Test against England in Ahmedabad, World Test Championship To the final Australian team There was a problem qualifying.

Against the Australian team South African Cricket Board The International Cricket Council (ICC) has agreed to investigate the complaint.

According to the World Test Championship standings, the New Zealand team has already qualified for the final. Though the Indian team is in the qualifying stage, the Indian team must draw or win the 4th Test against England.

The Indian team will qualify for the final even if one of the two happens. However, if the England team defeats the Indian team, the Indian team will lose the final chance. Whereas, Australian team Will qualify.

But, for now Australian team The South African Cricket Board is having trouble qualifying for the final. The Cricket Board of Australia has canceled a three-match Test series against South Africa, citing Corona.

The ICC has demanded compensation for the economic loss to the South African Cricket Board due to the cancellation of the Test series and for the Australian team to reduce their points in the Test Championship standings due to the abrupt cancellation of the Test series. South African Cricket Board Has complained.

The ICC has agreed to investigate the South African Cricket Board’s complaint as valid.

It will be published in Australia in this regard The Sydney Herald According to a news release in the newspaper

Against the Australian team that canceled the Test series in South Africa without prior notice South African Cricket Board Provided to the ICC. If action is taken on this complaint, World Test Championship To match Australian team Does not qualify.

If India lose the 4th Test against England, Australian team Had a chance to qualify for the final of the Test Championship. But, if the ICC takes action, the Aussies. Points will be reduced for the team.

The ICC has set a deadline of this weekend for the Australian Board to speak to the South African Cricket Board and make a smooth decision. If the Australian Board does not take any action within this deadline, the ICC may face action. World Test Championship There will be no problem for the Indian team to go to the final. “


The ICC will also transfer the South African Board’s complaint to its own inquiry body. That investigative body will decide whether the Australian Board has the right to cancel the Test series against South Africa. The inquiry will also decide whether to give South Africa a full 120 points as the Test series has been canceled. It is noteworthy that even if the Indian team loses the 4th Test, the panel will also decide whether they can go to the final.


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