Nominations for 'Zee Family Awards-2021' start .. Voting for your favorite stars...

Nominations for ‘Zee Family Awards-2021’ start .. Voting for your favorite stars is like this

Zee Telugu has started nominations for the annual Zee Family Awards 2021. Through the serials that Zee is airing in Telugu, the actors in those serials have become members of our house. Now Zee Family Awards for the 11th time This channel is getting ready to operate successfully.

Zee Telugu, which offers many serials with amazing stories and twists and turns, continues its journey successfully by taking the hardships of the common people as its main themes and presenting them in an impressive manner. The main purpose of this awards festival is to make the attachments with the audience a celebration. The awards show ranges from Popular Viewers’ Choice to Special Jury Awards.

When it comes to the Zee Family Awards, the winners are chosen through a voting process. Fans and spectators can vote for the stars of their choice. SMS to 57575 You can vote or not Zee Telugu commented on Facebook and Instagram Can do, otherwise To the G5 app / website You can also log in and vote through the Zee Family Awards portal. This is the voting process September 15 to September 30 Will continue until. The Zee Family Awards will be held in Hyderabad soon.


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