Not as soft as it looks on the outside .. Jagapathibabu Dark...

Not as soft as it looks on the outside .. Jagapathibabu Dark Secrets !!


  • ‘Tak Jagdish’ being formed under the direction of Shiva Nirvana
  • Jagapathibabu who played Nani’s elder brother
  • Big twist in the movie with the role of Jagapathibabu

Jagapathibabu is one of the typical actors in the southern film industry. Jagapathi Babu, who once gained popularity as a family audience favorite hero, is playing the role of elder brother, father and villain in the second innings. Not only in Telugu but also in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, Star Heroes is playing the villain. However, Jagapathibabu played a pivotal role in the upcoming movie ‘Tak Jagdish’ starring Natural star Nani as the hero.

In the recently released teaser, Jagapathibabu appeared very soft and a member of a joint family. Jagapathibabu will be seen as Nani’s elder brother in this family drama. However, this Annayya .. ‘Ma Annayya’, ‘Peddannayya’ Annayya type fight in the movies. Says there is a slight difference. Interesting gossip is currently circulating in industry circles regarding the role of Jagapathibabu.

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Unlike in the teaser, Jagapathibabu’s character has dark secrets. Those secrets, character negative shades are said to be the major twist in this movie. And if you want to know the truth about this rumor, you have to wait till the release of the movie. The film was directed by Shiva Nirvana. Sahu Garapati and Harish Paddy are producing on the Shine Screens banner. The movie starring Ritu Verma and Aishwarya Rajesh as the heroines is coming out on April 23. Taman composed the music for the film.

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