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NTR: NTR is ashamed to say your fan .. that crap should smash my ** * cheek: fan video


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  • A fan who questioned NTR
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It is learned that the Telugu Desam party leader and former chief minister had allegedly teased his wife in front of the media to target him during the assembly sessions. All the Telugu Desam Party workers in Andhra Pradesh today staged protests and dharnas on this. Nandamuri family members Balakrishna, NTR, Kalyan Ram and others have expressed their support for Chandrababu Naidu and said it is not right to make personal insults about people who have nothing to do with politics. In this context, the video released by a fan of a Telugudesam party will go viral. Leaders of the Telugu Desam Party and family members said that the main reason for Chandrababu Naidu to face insults in the assembly. Speaking of a fan, …

“People need to know the facts. On October 22, Gannavaram was circulating as an MLA. Some of the leaders of the Telugu Desam Party were wrong when he spoke the worst about my *** Nandamuri Bhuvneshwari who did not even know who he was born to. None of the Nandamuri family members made the effort to make that shit my *** kattindi. Through this video I am asking a question to the junior NTR who I admire so much. Your own brother-in-law, your friend, that close friend of mine, if that *** speaks like that .. I ask why you did not condemn the pressmeet that it is wrong to say so. Some of the leaders of the Telugu Desam Party hold glasses and sit in sarees. They want MLA, Minister, MLC ranks. But the party is in a *** * party that does not know how to go out and fight when people are in trouble. Chandrababu, I want to say one thing to Lokesh on this occasion. Choose leaders from among the working class.

The mindset of the people changes. Everyone is watching. Attempt to transform activists into leaders. They are close enough to hit a leader of every party. If the name of an opposition leader is mentioned, they will storm their offices, but if the child of Nandamuri star Rama Rao is insulted so much, I wonder why those leaders are in the party. If you’re really a hero, you’ll have to get down to the word of God that shows you what kind of dots he showed me. Purandhareshwari condemned the consequences. All NTR family members should also condemn this misery. Junior NTR in particular, if you do not try to say that my ** you are wrong to call that Vallabhbhaneni descendant and slap him, NTR will be left as a historian. I’m ashamed to say I’m a fan of yours. If your family members are being humiliated, you will not be able to stand. I am questioning how you can become a hero, ”he said.

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