Only 72 runs left; Goalie to new record: Rohit Sharma's milestone:...

Only 72 runs left; Goalie to new record: Rohit Sharma’s milestone: Interesting statistics in the T20 series

India to start tomorrow in Ahmedabad England In the inter-team T20 series, captain Virat Kohli can be expected to set a new record.

India, England India won the four-match Test series 3-1. This will be followed by a five-match T20 series starting tomorrow. All these matches are being played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The series will be a great opportunity for both teams to prepare themselves for the T20 World Cup later this year. The series will be used to test the talents of many new players in the Indian team and to see which player will be fielding exactly where.

Here are some interesting facts about the T20 series starting tomorrow

So far England and India have clashed in 14 T20 matches. The Indian team in 7 matches, England The team has won all 7 matches. Both the teams have won 3 of the 6 matches played on Indian soil.

72 runs required

India captain Virat Kohli has so far scored 2,928 runs in 85 international T20 matches. Goalie needs only 72 more runs to reach 3,000 runs. If the goalie reaches 3,000 runs, he will become the first player to reach 3,000 runs in a T20 series. Goalie will also be proud to be the first player to score 3,000 runs in 3 categories of T20, ODI and Test.

Virat Kohli has taken charge as captain and has scored 11 thousand 983 runs so far. Only 17 more runs are needed to reach 12,000 runs. If the goalie scores 17 runs in tomorrow’s T20 match, he will become the 3rd captain to become the captain of the world and reach 12 thousand runs. Aussie before this. Former captain Ricky Ponting (15,440) and former South Africa captain have added 14,878 runs.

Rohit Sharma Milestone


Rohit Sharma has a chance to reach a new milestone in the T20 series. So far, Rohit Sharma has hit 127 sixes in T20I matches. The New Zealander tops the Martin Cup with 139 sixes, while Rohit Sharma needs just 13 more sixes to break his record. Hopefully it will pass in this T20 series.

Rohit Sharma has scored 2,773 runs in 100 T20 innings so far. He needed just 63 more runs to beat Martin Kapil. If this is achieved, Rohit Sharma will be the 2nd highest run scorer in T20 matches.

Sahal ahead of Bumra

Indian bowlers Yajuvendra Sahal and Bumrah have taken 59 wickets each in T20I matches. In the absence of Bumra for this T20 series, one can only hope that Sahal will break Bumra’s record.

Morgan record

England captain Ian Morgan has been named T20 captain, amassing 1,289 runs. Adding another 95 runs, Morgan will surpass New Zealand captain Kane Williamson (1,383) and Australian captain Aaron Finch (1,462) in the list of highest run-scorers since becoming T20 captain.


England’s David Malan is currently the number one ICC T20 batsman. In 19 innings, Malan averaged 855 runs at 53.43. Malan needs just 145 more runs to reach 1,000 runs in T20I matches.

If David Malan scores 145 in the T20 series against India, he will surpass the record of being the fastest player to reach 1,000 runs in a T20 match and the record of Pakistan’s Babur Azad. It is noteworthy that Babur Azam scored a thousand runs in 26 innings.


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