WorldOpposition from the UAE Princess; Did Sudhir Chaudhary miss the Abu Dhabi event?

Opposition from the UAE Princess; Did Sudhir Chaudhary miss the Abu Dhabi event?

Abu Dhabi: Did Sea News Editor Sudhir Chaudhry remove himself from the Chartered Accountants Annual Lecture in Abu Dhabi following strong protests from the UAE’s Princess Hind bint Faisal Al Qasim? The princess herself announced on her Twitter account that the name of the controversial journalist had been removed from the list of speakers. However, there has been no official response from the organizers other than the UAE Princess’ claim in this regard.

Behind the princess’ opposition

Sudhir Chaudhry has been invited by ICAI as the Chief Guest to the Annual International Seminar to be held on November 25 and 26 in Fairmount Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi. The princess had come to the scene with strong opposition since the event was announced. The poster of the event was shared on Twitter by the Hind Princess. Sudhir Chaudhary, a right-wing presenter, is known for his deep anti-Islamic rhetoric aimed at 200 million Muslims in India. Many of his prime time shows have led to violence against Muslims in the country. That’s what they tweeted last Saturday. Their criticism of Chaudhry’s invitation to the UAE stemmed from allegations that he was “fabricating and spreading false news and inciting Islamophobia and communal hatred.” They also announced this in tweets.

The Abu Dhabi Chapter of the ICAI also protested

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The Abu Dhabi Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India had also written to the ICAI against the inclusion of controversial journalist Chaudhry in the list of speakers following the publication of the Princess’ protest. The princess also shared a letter from the chapter members on Twitter. The members demanded that Sudhir Chaudhary be removed from the panel of speakers as the allegation that he had spent 15 days in Tihar Jail involved in the criminal case and was spreading fake news and fabricated news was strong against him. The Hindu princess announced that Chaudhary had been removed from the ceremony after the letter was published on her Twitter account. In a tweet tagging ICAI, they asked why Chaudhry, a hater, was being brought to their peaceful country. In another tweet, Chaudhry said that Shaheen Bagh, who carried out the anti-citizenship agitation in 2019-20, was the one who spread fake news and hate propaganda against the protesters, including women and students. She also tweeted in Arabic against the extradition of Chaudhry to the UAE for “insulting Muslims and insulting Islam and the Prophet”.

Regular critic of the Hind Princess Sangh Parivar

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The Hind Princess, who has visited India many times, is a person who constantly raises her voice against the anti-sectarian propaganda going on in the country. Their protest against those working in the UAE and carrying out hate propaganda on social media against minorities in India was a big discussion. Princess Hind is also a leading businesswoman in the UAE.

Chaudhary is still on the website

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Meanwhile, Sudhir Chaudhary’s name is still on the poster of the seminar published on the ICAI website. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Meanwhile, Abdullah Madhumule, one of the Indian businessmen in Abu Dhabi, tweeted that they had approached the ICAI authorities with a request to remove Sudhir Chaudhry, but that they had decided not to remove Sudhir Chaudhry from the guest list due to delays.