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Opposition to petrol price hike; Traveling on an Electric Scooter: The Fallen Mamta Banerjee- Video

Kolkata today condemned the hike in petrol and diesel prices Mamta Banerjee Went on electric scooter. At that time, the scooter could not be driven and collapsed and the accompanying security officers carried it.

West Bengal is scheduled to hold general elections in April and May. The Trinamool Congress is fighting for a third term in office in this election. The BJP is moving pieces to seize power for the first time.

In this context, Kolkata condemned the increase in petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices Mamta Banerjee The Trinamool Congress led the protest.

Prior to the fight Mamta Banerjee Arrived on an electric scooter and attended the demonstration. He then went to the General Secretariat on an electric scooter. He was accompanied by security personnel and government officials.

Then Mamta Banerjee Unable to drive the scooter, he fell down. Then his security guards ran and stopped him. He was then escorted by officers to prevent the scooter from falling down.

Then Mamta Banerjee Spoken by:

Petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices have risen to unprecedented levels. This is the function of the Prime Minister Modi government. This is a government that cheats the Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Modi is deeply saddened by the people.

The central government is selling off the country’s major government agencies. They are selling BSNL. Selling coal mines. Coal India is also being privatized.

They sell everything in the country. Modi and Amit Shah are selling the country together. This government is against the youth. Against farmers. Against the people. This federal government can only brutally exploit the people.
Thus he spoke.


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