IndiaOrder to close schools due to increase in air pollution in the capital Delhi

Order to close schools due to increase in air pollution in the capital Delhi

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New Delhi

Close schools until further orders due to rising air pollution Delhi The government has ordered.

When the southwest monsoon ends, the winds will change direction and blow from Punjab, Haryana to Delhi. In Delhi during this period farmers from neighboring states were burning agricultural waste Air pollution Will increase.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is classified into 6 categories. Safe if between 0-50 points. Moderate if 51-100 points. If it is 101 – 150 points then it is detrimental to the health of the patients.

151 – 200 points can be detrimental to the health of healthy people. 201 to 300 would be more harmful to the health of the people. 301 to 500 is the most dangerous.

In Delhi for the last few weeks Air pollution Is increasing. The air quality index in Delhi yesterday recorded 382 points. The daily average in the capital is 400 points. Control air mass because it can cause more harm to the health of the people Delhi The government is taking various measures.

Heavy vehicles carrying non-essential goods are barred from entering Delhi and carrying out construction and demolition of buildings. Government and private employees are advised to work from home. Holidays left for school and colleges. This holiday is constantly being extended.

In this context Delhi In an order issued by the education department yesterday, ‘Air pollution is on the rise in Delhi. Due to this all the schools have to be closed till the next order comes. You can continue your education online.