WorldPanic starts at Atlanta airport due to accidental gunfire

Panic starts at Atlanta airport due to accidental gunfire

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, USA, plunged into chaos and panic over the sound of gunfire heard by dozens of passengers in the security checkpoint on November 20. People began to scatter and fall to the floor, fearing an intruder and a mass shooting, Fox News reports.

“There is no shooter. An accidental shot occurred at the airport. There is no danger to passengers or employees. The investigation continues, “- later said in Twitter air harbor management.

Some time ago, the authorities gave permission for the full operation of the airport. The Atlanta Police Department said there were no casualties in the incident. This information was confirmed by Atlanta Police Sergeant Jarius Dougherty. He told Fox News that the accidental shot may have occurred near the main security checkpoint, and no one was hurt.

At the time of the shots, people panicked, some were told that they should evacuate or lie on the floor. This is evidenced by video clip by Jamarjones_atl on microblog.

“This is what I see outside my window. I am at the Atlanta airport, boarded my flight to New York when there were screams. @Delta is trying to calm people down. We heard screams when people came aboard. ” wrote Twitter user Dianne Callahan.

In late October, an armed man was arrested at Los Angeles airport. Because of this, passengers were evacuated, flights were canceled. The man was taken into custody.