'Path to Personality Development- Mother Tongue' Tana Literary Symposium was a success

‘Path to Personality Development- Mother Tongue’ Tana Literary Symposium was a success

The Telugu Association of North America (TANA) is organizing the ‘Monthly Telugu Velugu’ conference on the last Sunday of every month under the auspices of the World Literary Forum. In connection with this month, on September 26, a seminar on ‘Mother tongue is the way to personality development’ was successfully held in Virtual. TANA Governing Body President Bandla Hanumayya delivered the welcome address. On this occasion, he recalled the invaluable services rendered by many writers to the Telugu language.

He said that the Telugu language and literary treasures that we have been carrying for generations are like an inexhaustible mine and it is the responsibility of the present generation to pass them on safely to the future. He said that Tana was always ahead in this matter. Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Organizer, TANA World Literary Forum, welcomed the chief guests at the conference on ‘The Way to Personality Development-Mother Tongue’.

Telangana State Election Commissioner Chitla Parthasarathy was the chief guest. Retired IRS officer Madishetti Thirumala Kumar, retired IAS Nandivelugu Mukteshwara Rao, Tamil Nadu Director of Environment Poluri Rajeshwari, Telangana BC Welfare Chief Burra Venkatesam, Dr Patnala Sudhakar, Bengal DGP Boppudi Naga Ramesh and many other IAS officers were present.

Many of them studied in Telugu medium and English medium and also wrote Civils in Telugu language and achieved success and excelled in various positions. All of them said that as children learn in their mother tongue at an elementary level, their cognitive power increases and they develop mentally. He said that a good foundation would be laid and after that it would be easy to learn any number of languages ​​depending on the need. In today’s competitive world no one can ignore the importance of the English language.

He clarified that no matter how many languages ​​students learn, it is not appropriate to neglect the Telugu language even if they need to have a good command of English. Dr. Thotakura Prasad agreed with both of them. He said that the All India Service officers from other states who were educated in their mother tongues were a direct example of working in Telugu states and being able to learn Telugu easily as per the need. Psychologists also confirm that the mental development of those who are educated in the mother tongue in infancy is improved.

Governments, media, institutions, schools, parents and Telugu language enthusiasts all need to work together to develop awareness and interest in the Telugu language in children from an early age. Thotakura Prasad said that everyone has a responsibility to go ahead with an activity in this regard.

Chigurumalla Srinivas, Coordinator, TANA World Literary Forum, said, “Today’s Literary Conference is very meaningful and necessary.

The full program of the literary seminar can be seen at the following youtube link.
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