Pawan Kalyan: Meet Pawan .. When we make a movie, the differences...

Pawan Kalyan: Meet Pawan .. When we make a movie, the differences between us, all of them did: Comedian Ali Uturn


  • Ali is back
  • Interesting comments on friend Pawan Kalyan
  • Announcement that he will do a movie with him
  • Re-entry as a hero with the movie ‘Lawyer Vishwanath’

Comedian Ali is coming forward to the audience with the film Lawyer Vishwanath. The film is being produced by MNV Sudhakar and Surya Vantaram with Bala Nageswara Rao directing Varada. Ali’s daughter Zuberia makes her entry as a child actress in this film. However, during the teaser launch of the movie, Ali made interesting comments on his friendship with Pawan Kalyan.

‘It is true to meet Pawan Kalyan again after a long gap .. He asked how are you .. Say goodbye .. Let’s meet again .. Also said Anna. We have come a long way politically but .. there are no personal differences. I never told him that I would never meet you in life .. He never told me that either. Everything that is not in the middle is created by the media.

I met Pawan Kalyan almost a year later. Tried to meet in the middle .. but he was not there. It is learned that they are in Pune. I recently met him at a wedding. Such is the norm in the industry .. we will all be fine .. unless the people outside are deliberately making a fuss .. there will be no differences between us. No wonder Pawan-Ali made a film together in 2021. We will definitely do a movie together ..

This is the real controversy between Pawan Vs Ali ..
When Pawan Kalyan made his political debut with the ‘Janasena’ party .. everyone thought that Ali would join that party. But, Ali on the contrary joined the YCP and shocked everyone including Pawan. However, the comments made by Pawan Kalyan on Ali as part of his visit to Rajahmundry became a hot topic.

Pawan said that people like Ali would lose faith in Ali. He said that Ali had joined hands with his friend YCP president Jagan. Pawan Kalyan questioned how he could have thought that he could not have won the elections if he had given the ticket on behalf of Janasena to those who told him that Ali had left him and that he had been cheated when Ali was in trouble.

But after that Ali also gave a counter .. Ali said that unless he came into the industry on his own and reached this level someone would not come. Did Pawan Kalyan help me? Did he give me a chance if the house was empty? Given the money? Ali reminded that he was in a good position even before Pawan Kalyan entered the film industry. Ali countered at the time that it was not fair for him to join the YCP and that it was not written in the constitution that he should not join the YCP. “But now the whole media has done it. We are all fine,” Ali said.


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