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Pawan Kalyan: What about Pawan Kalyan .. now tell me your elder brother Chiranjeevi Redda? Kapuna ?: Posani sensational comments

Posani Krishna Murali made sensational comments that it would be worthwhile if someone asked an honest question but who would listen if Pawan Kalyan asked. Power star Pawan Kalyan held a press meet on Monday to counter the comments made at the ‘Republic’ movie audio ceremony. In this context, Pawan Kalyan was incensed that he was provoking the castes by doing caste politics.

Posani said .. ‘Tell me if your personality is great Pawan Kalyan .. Jagan will come to your house and listen to your words. Tell me in what way your personality is great .. Tell me why your voice is heard .. Have you seen how different you are to your brother ?? The same pics that you are eating .. Is it to greet your elder brother ?? Not taking it home? Meals are sent so politely. No .. not your elder brother Reddy .. not Kape .. what are you doing .. you are giving all the cows. Puttinchao itch that no one else has .. If Jagan really has the feeling that he is Reddy .. would he call Reddy to his house .. why would he call your brother and cover him with shawls. Why puts the penalty.

And I am Kammodine .. And he said why would he give me an MLA ticket .. Not Posani Reddy .. Does Dil Raju have any itch for him ?? Did Reddy say that anywhere? How many Reds did he have .. There were Brahmins .. The rest of the cast .. Dil Raju gave a lot of opportunities to people regardless of caste. Why are all of them caste colored.

No matter how many ways you see Jagan being beaten, it didn’t work for you .. Are you using this caste again now? Come show me if Jagan is upset .. Pulivendula Podam .. Why Pawan Kalyan’s words.? Should people lie for applause?

I know you have not studied much. If a man wants to live with humanity .. he has to look at the country .. he has to look at the treasure .. country means world knowledge .. sheath means books knowledge. You have no worldly knowledge .. no book knowledge. Antao said that the tribe had read .. Does the educated person speak like this?

Looking at your brother since childhood .. From that day till today I have never heard anyone call me Array. No one was hurt .. Learn by watching your brother .. Do not compare with Jagan ‘said Posani Krishnamurali who was on fire in a range.


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