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Prabhas – Pooja Hegde: Attitude before Prabhas .. As the box next to Pooja Hegde cut!


  • Clashes between Prabhas and Pooja Hegde
  • Prabhas who distanced himself from Pooja Hegde
  • ‘Radheshyam’ in post-production

Tollywood is a leader in the hero centric movie industry. The emphasis on heroes here is unmatched by any other industry. Producers also have reasons for that. It is not clear what importance is given to Prabhas who has increased the range of Telugu cinema with a film like Bahubali. Would it be comfy if someone showed attitude in front of such a hero? Sean Riverssey. Now there are rumors in the film industry that star heroine Pooja Hegde has faced such a situation.

If we go into the details of what happened to Prabhas and Pooja Hegde so far .. the film ‘Radheshyam’ which is being formed in a combination of the two. This is a periodic love story. Filmed key scenes in Europe. In this schedule film, Pooja Hegde has tried to build herself up before Prabhas as a star heroine. Basically the darling who is cool with everyone gets hurt in this matter. UV Creations banner that actually makes the movie … Before that, Prabhas said that he acted with Pooja Hegde. Pan India project, cannot be canceled. The talk is heard that the closed scenes between the hero and the heroine were shot with Prabhas Dope and Pooja Hegde, while the song was managed in graphics.

It remains to be seen how the film unit will react to this. Radheshyam, which is being formed under the direction of Radhakrishna Kumar, is busy completing post-construction work. The producers are likely to make an official announcement about the release date of ‘Radheshyam’ as soon as the post production work is over.


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