Pragati Aunty video that is shaking the social media .. this time...

Pragati Aunty video that is shaking the social media .. this time it was shocking


  • Actress Pragati who left another video
  • Video going viral
  • An actress who is obsessed with fitness videos
  • Different this time

Senior actress Pragati has been making a splash on social media in recent times. Known as Pragati Aunty in Tollywood with the roles of aunt, mother and sister, Yama is active on social media.

Her makeover changed completely after the lock down. Posting hot workouts videos, dance performance clippings kicks the guy. The 44-year-old is also making a fuss on social media chanting the fitness mantra. Meanwhile, she danced to the song “Hamma .. Hamma” from the movie “Bombay” and was disturbed. After that, Vijay teamed up for the ‘Master’ movie song in Lungi and turned everyone’s attention to himself. A series of videos were left, with the waist twisting and twisting.

Aunty, an impressive progress in movies, is often in the news after the lock down. Full focus on fitness progress .. sharing videos related to them makes a fuss. Even at a young age, she entertains her followers by taking mass steps with intense beauty. With this came the full craze that pushed this senior bhama.

However, the video released by Pragati says that it is one thing and another. This time the bullet went up in unison .. The bike was driven by Rai Rai and shocked. Climb the bullet with a sari .. The bullet drive progressed as if there was no experience at all. Sharing this video on Instagram is going viral. However, this video is old .. Pragati shared it fresh on Instagram again. When the video came out during the lock down time, she was trolled by netizens at that time.


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