Prakash Raj - Ilayaraja: Ilayaraja asked for Rs 3 crore .. I...

Prakash Raj – Ilayaraja: Ilayaraja asked for Rs 3 crore .. I said no: Prakash Raj


  • Prakash Raj new idea for ‘Maa’ fund raising
  • Ilayaraja Music Concert Planning by Prakash Raj
  • Announcement that it will set up funding of Rs ten crore in six months

“Ilayarajagari was asked to do a music concert for ‘Maa’ and he asked for Rs 3 crore,” said Prakash Raj, who is contesting as ‘Maa’ president. The original asked Ilayaraja, if you go into the reasons why he said so …

Movie Artist Association (MAA) elections will be held on October 10. Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu and CVL Narasimha Rao are in the fray for ‘our’ presidency. Among them, there was a fierce competition between Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu. Recently, Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu also gave a separate dinner to the members of the association. However, Prakash Raj explained what he was going to do for ‘us’ in the dinner program organized at JRC. ‘Our’ association has become an association based on someone. But Prakash Raj said he would play a key role in the company’s growth as a fund-raising company.

“In the next six months, our panel will set up Rs 10 crore in funds for the association. Humans are ready to give. We also know the lanes. I talked to Alredy Ilayaraja. He is going to program for ‘us’ in December. Speaking to him on the occasion, he said that he was asking for three crores. You know it’s going to end. I said I could not give so much. Okay! Crore rupees. He said that singers like Chitra and Hariharan should come if asked. I spoke to the painter opposite him. She said I would come what I asked. Come if we ask politely. Why Devisree Prasad did not sing a song in our program. Ilayaraja, Prakash Raj is doing a program for us, call the Chief Minister for dinner! For two and a half hours, our association did a great job for its members, bringing laughter to all faces !. We can do it.

Anyone who comes up with something I do will do nothing. Only those who can do anything with ten people will do the job efficiently. As everyone thinks, there are about 250 active members in this association of 900 members. There are about 200 other well-established artists from other states. Apart from all of them, there are only about 450 members left. Of these, about 200 are star heroes, well-settled. All rights reserved. We have to increase and share the responsibility, ”he said.


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