IndiaPrime Minister Modi pays tribute to a Dubai boy who painted his...

Prime Minister Modi pays tribute to a Dubai boy who painted his image

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter of appreciation to a Dubai boy who painted his portrait.

Boy Charan from the state of Kerala Sasikumar (14) He lives in Dubai with his parents. Charan, a 9th class student, has painted a portrait of Prime Minister Modi in stencil. It was recently sent to Prime Minister Modi through Union Minister V. Muraleedharan. Pleased to see this, Modi sent a letter congratulating the boy.

It said, “Painting is the best tool for expressing our thoughts and feelings. The painting you paint shows your commitment to painting and your love and affection for the country. I hope that in the future, you will take your talent even further. I want to excel in education on time. My congratulations for a better and brighter future. “

Commenting on this, Charan said, “The Prime Minister’s praise is a great encouragement and encouragement to artists like me.”


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