IndiaPrime Minister Modi vaccinated against corona; Creating Confidence among People and...

Prime Minister Modi vaccinated against corona; Creating Confidence among People and Reluctance of Relief: Ames Director Praise

Prime Minister Modi this morning Corona vaccine AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Gularia said that the vaccine will instill confidence in the people about the vaccine and remove doubts and hesitations about the vaccine.

For field staff, physicians and health workers across the country since January 16th Corona vaccine Work is in progress. As the work is nearing completion, the second phase, starting March 1 (today), will vaccinate people over the age of 60, over the age of 45 and those with co-morbidities under the age of 59.

The corona vaccine is being administered in both government and private hospitals. The corona vaccine can be given free of cost at government hospitals. Paying Rs.250 at a private hospital Corona vaccine You can put.

People over the age of 60 who are vaccinated against corona must carry something including a voter ID card, Aadhar card and driver’s license. People with comorbidities are advised to get a certificate from an accredited physician about their comorbidities and get vaccinated.

In this context, Prime Minister Modi visited the Delhi Aims Hospital at 6.30 am today. Corona vaccine Put. Kovacs vaccine co-produced by Bharat Biotech and ICMR Prime Minister Modi பொட்டுக்கொண்டார்.

Arrived as the first person in the program to vaccinate people over 60 from March 1st Prime Minister Modi Started.

AIIMS Director Dr Gularia said, “Prime Minister Modi arrived at 6.30 am today Corona vaccine Putting will cause great confidence among the people. Corona vaccine Doubt and reluctance will leave people’s minds. The greater the confidence of the people, the more people will come forward to be vaccinated. Numerous vaccination centers have been set up on behalf of the private and government sectors.

It was reported last night that Prime Minister Modi was coming to AIIMS Hospital for vaccination. No special arrangements were made. The first day arrived early this morning Prime Minister Modi Vaccinated.

In order for nurses not to panic when vaccinated Prime Minister Modi Spoke to them jokingly. Asking where they come from, what their hometown is, what state they are in has kept them from panicking. The nurses were not informed of the Prime Minister’s arrival.

Since the Prime Minister is coming, it has not caused any inconvenience or discomfort to other patients. Prime Minister Modi Following the vaccination, eligible people will no longer have to volunteer to be vaccinated to drive the corona virus out of the country. Puducherry nurse P. Niveda has vaccinated Prime Minister Modi.

After vaccination Prime Minister Modi He was kept under observation for 30 minutes. This is the usual procedure. After this procedure Prime Minister Modi He left. “


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